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    Total Face CPAP Masks

    Total Face CPAP Mask Overview

    Total Face CPAP masks seal in a large oval around the entire face to include, nose, mouth and eyes, and are held in place by four point headgear. Some people leak air through the corners of their eyes when they receive CPAP pressure. In this case, traditional masks will not function properly and a total face mask should be considered.

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    Total Face FAQs

      Why might I need a total face mask?
    There are special circumstances or needs for this mask such as a patient who leaks air out of the corner of their eyes or have a facial condition preventing the use of a nasal or full face mask. Like a full face mask, a total face mask equalizes pressures for even delivery of treatment. However, this mask encompasses the entire face to cover all opening on the face where air might escape, such as the eyes.
    FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask

    Did You Know?, Total Face

    • Total face masks are ideal when some part of the face has had to undergo surgery.
    • Total face masks are designed similarly to the masks worn by firefighters, allowing unobstructed vision.
    • If you are unsure of your selection, you can always read the user reviews for more information and a star rating.
    • Total face masks are the only type of mask that cover your entire face, including your eyes.

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