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Z2 Standard Travel CPAP Machine

BY Human Design Medical Item #717116
8 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Item # 717116

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Z2 CPAP Angled
Z2 CPAP Side
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8 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Need replacement parts and accessories? Shop now 

Item # 717116

Not currently in stock

Z2 Travel CPAP Machine Overview

The Human Design Medical Z2 Travel CPAP Machine is one of the smallest fixed pressure CPAP machines on the market; bring your CPAP therapy with you wherever you go with new extended life battery pack options and waterless humidification via heat moisture exchanger.

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HDM Z2 Features and Benefits:

  • 29% Quieter Motor and QTube CPAP Muffler
  • Travels Easily
  • Track Sleep Data on Your PC
  • Pressure Relief Technology
  • Waterless Humidification
  • Enhance Portability with Bonus Features

The HDM Z2 CPAP Machine is Ideal For:

  • Light Sleepers
  • Avid Travelers
  • Devoted Campers
  • If You Are Looking for an At-Home and Travel Machine in One

29% Quieter Motor and Complimentary Muffler Creates Fewer Disturbances

At only 26 decibels, the Z2 has a 29% quieter motor than the HDM Z1 CPAP and includes a free Q-Tube CPAP Muffler from the manufacturer that helps to further reduce noise from the machine.

Portable and Easy to Pack for Travel

Ultra-lightweight and FAA-approved, the HDM Z2 weighs only 10.4 ounces, so it can fit in the palm of your hand or easily be stashed in your carry-on.

Use Your Computer to Stay On Top of Therapy Results

Able to connect directly to your Windows computer with its USB port, the Z2 uploads your sleep therapy data to secure software so you can analyze the quality of your treatment.

Increase Comfort with Z Breathe Pressure Relief Technology

Reduce therapy pressure during exhalation, which can help you achieve better-quality sleep, with Z Breathe pressure relief technology. Plus, the machine will power down automatically when the device is no longer in use, saving you an extra step in your daily routine or giving you more time to explore while on vacation.

Thanks to the machine’s heat moisture exchange feature, you no longer have to lug around a distilled water jug to use a heated humidifier with your device. Instead, the moisture from your breath is retained and reused to keep your nasal passages from drying out and allowing you to transport your machine with less heft and less mess.

Enhance Portability with Bonus Features

From the campgrounds at Yosemite to Florida’s sandy beaches, you can take your sleep apnea therapy anywhere you go when you use the Travel Bag and pack the PowerShell battery. The bag is large enough to store your machine, hose, mask, and power supply, and the battery - which is also used with the Z1 - is FAA-compliant and designed to power your machine when you don’t have access to an outlet.

What’s Included:

  • Z2 Standard Device
  • 4 Foot Slim Style Z1/Z2 Tube
  • Heat Moisture Exchange Unit
  • Tube Adapter for Z1/Z2 Machines
  • Q-Tube In-Line CPAP Muffler Kit
  • Two (2) Disposable Filters for Z1/Z2 Machines
  • USB Cable
  • AC Power Supply
  • User Manual
  • Getting Started Guide

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