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    Product Overview

    The Human Design Medical Z2 CPAP Machine is a single pressure device ideal for road warriors, campers, frequent flyers or anyone looking to take their therapy off-the-grid.

    It's the same size and weight as the Z1 CPAP, and has a quieter motor. To further dampen the sound, the manufacturer is including a FREE Q-Tube CPAP Muffler to further reduce ambient noise from the device.

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If for any reason you're unsatisfied, return it for a full refund.

    Manufactured by Human Design Medical.

    1% of CPAP Machine product buyers choose this product.

    Product Features

    The Human Design Medical Z2 CPAP Machine will deliver therapy at a single pressure directed by your doctor. Looking for the version capable of automatically adjusting therapy pressure? Visit our page for the HDM Z2 Auto CPAP and find more information there.

    The Z2 CPAP is also compatible with the OPTIONAL PowerShell Battery, allowing you to use the machine even when not connected to an outlet. The PowerShell Battery is the same battery used by the Z1, and if you already have one, you're in luck!

    Differences from the Z1:

    • 29% Quieter Motor
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • FREE Q-Tube Muffler Included with Purchase

    Product Features

    • One of the Smallest CPAP Machines on the Market
    • Auto Stop
    • Waterless Humidification with HME
    • Advanced Data Tracking with USB
    • Z-Breathe Pressure Relief
    • Single Pressure CPAP Machine
    • Compatible with PowerShell Battery

    29% Quieter Motor with FREE Q-Tube Muffler

    The Z2 features a quieter motor than the Z1 CPAP and has a noise output of 26 decibels. 26 decibels is about as quiet as a whisper. The manufacturer is including the Q-Tube CPAP Muffler for free with purchase, to help further dampen the noise from the machine.

    One of the Smallest CPAP Machines Today!

    Weighing in at just 10.4 ounces (.65 pounds), the Z2 CPAP can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The featherlight construction allows you to lift and carry the machine easily as you go on your next adventure. It's also one of the lightest and most portable CPAP machines on the market today.

    Z-Breathe Pressure Releif with Auto Stop

    Z-Breathe Pressure Relief helps make it easier to exhale and is a comfort feature programmed into the Z2. This can help make it less strenuous to exhale and can help you stay asleep. The Z2 is also smart enough to tell when you're done with your therapy, and will automatically turn off without needing to do any other steps.

    Waterless Humidification with HME

    For your next trip, leave the distilled water at home! The Z2 CPAP uses a Heat Moisture Exchange unit to retain and reuse moisture from a person's breath to keep the throat and nasal passages from drying out. The HME unit mentioned here is a good alternative to water-based humidification, helping make the Z2 easier to transport with less mess!

    Track Your Therapy with a USB Connection

    The Z2 can connect directly to your Windows computer using a USB connection and analyze your therapy data with software. This will provide valuable data about your sleep, allowing you to work with your doctor and make adjustments as needed.

    OPTIONAL: PowerShell Battery

    The Z2 CPAP Machine uses the Z1 PowerShell Battery enabling you to take your therapy on the road or off-grid. This is the same battery used by the Z1, so you're in good shape if you already have one. The battery is FAA compliant allowing you to take it on a plane. No matter where you go, you'll be able to take your treatment with you!

    OPTIONAL: Travel Bag for Small CPAP Machines

    Get organized for your next trip, by using the Travel Bag for Small CPAP Machines! It's big enough to hold your CPAP machine, hose, mask, and power supply, and will help make your next trip a breeze!

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    This Product Includes...

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 6.48" X 3.30" X 2.02" (16.46 cm x 8.38 cm x 5.13 cm)
    • Device Weight: 10.4 oz. (.65 lbs)
    • Voltage Capabilities: 100–240V, 50–60Hz
    • Pressure Range: 4 - 20 cm
    • Operating Temperature: 41° F to 95° F (5° C to 35°C)
    • Operating Humidity: 10–80% Relative Humidity
    • Maximum Altitude: 8,000 ft (2,433 m)
    • Storage Temperature: -4° F to +140° F (-20°C to +60° C)
    • Transport Altitude: No limit
    • FAA Compliant? Yes.
    • Noise Level: 26 dBA
    • Casing Materials: Flame retardant engineered thermoplastic
    • Can it Be Used with Oxygen? Not for use with oxygen.
    • Warranty: 2 years always offers these services:

    • 8 am to 8 pm CST Toll Free Phone and Email Support
    • 24 hour access to our Support Forum
    • Learning Center for information on sleep apnea and cpap equipment
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    Important Tips

    User Manual

    For your reference, here's a copy of the Z2 Standard User Manual.

    Connecting to a Windows PC

    It's possible to connect the Z2 to a Windows PC directly, by simply plugging the unit directly in by using a USB 2.0 or 3.0 cable. A cable is included with the Z2 for this purpose. You can transfer the data to your home computer and analyze the data with software. This feature is not available for Mac users.

    Tube Adapter Tips

    To avoid damaging the silicone gasket connection, please very gently remove the tube adapter from the machine, and avoid using excessive force.

    HME Compatibility Tips

    Please be advised, the HME Waterless Humidification is compatible with every mask except for masks having short tubes. The system works by retaining moisture from a person's breath, and in order to do this, it needs to be close to a person's face. Short tubes designs position the HME too far away from the face to be effective.

    OPTIONAL PowerShell Use & Charging:

    Please remember to connect the Z2 Battery to the PowerShell for charging, so you will be able to see the charge level indicator, shown on the LCD screen of the Z2.

    Battery run times will be impacted by factors such as altitude and pressure setting, with higher settings draining the battery faster than lower settings.

    OPTIONAL PowerShell & Battery Charging Indicator

    When the machine and battery are plugged in together, the display on the machine will display a charge indicator showing charging progress.

    Here's a chart showing what the different bars mean:

    • 1 Bar = 10-25% power
    • 2 Bars = 25-50% power
    • 3 Bars = 50-75% power
    • 4 Bars = 75-100% power

    Not for Use with Supplemental Oxygen

    The Z2 CPAP is not designed for use with supplemental oxygen. Attempting to use with oxygen can cause injury or loss.

    Power Options

    PowerShell Battery

    The Z2 CPAP is compatible with the existing Z1 PowerShell Battery. Anyone who currently owns the PowerShell battery will be able to use it with the Z2. The PowerShell Battery is designed to power the Z2 for approximately 8 hours, depending on the machine settings. Higher pressures will mean lower runtimes. Higher altitudes can also cause the machine to work harder, further draining the battery, so please consider this when planning your next trip.

    The PowerShell can also be used as a battery backup, powering the Z2 in the event outlet power becomes disconnected. The battery backup can be helpful during storm season when power outages are more common.

    Freedom Travel Battery

    The Z1 is also compatible with the Freedom Travel Battery. The Freedom Battery battery can power the Z2, provided you use a 150 Watt Sine Wave Inverter. The inverter converts the DC power supplied by the Freedom into AC power. You would then plug the Z2 into the outlet the same way you would at home.

    Keep in mind, the inverter will draw power from the battery (in addition to the machine, too). This will decrease battery runtimes, meaning you won't get the same output from the Freedom as you would if you were able to connect directly.

    Replacement Parts

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