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    From affordable mask wipes to UV powered disinfectants, we have the cleaning supplies you need to keep your equipment fresh and healthy. Bonus: Regularly cleaning your equipment can help it last longer.

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    Did You Know?

    What is the best way to clean a CPAP?

    Cleaning a CPAP mask, CPAP hose and tubing, and CPAP machine isn't as easy as grabbing your favorite bottle of household cleaner and going to work. Normal household cleaners contain many harsh chemicals that are unsafe to use on CPAP therapy equipment. These include bleach, multi-purpose spray cleaner (Formula 409), and scented dish soap with degreaser. These harsh chemicals leave a residue that pollutes your therapy air and can make you very sick. When it comes to CPAP equipment, you really need a CPAP cleaner that meets the following criteria:

    • Colorless
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Natural or Mild Cleaning Agent
    • Harmless Residue

    Most CPAP manufacturers recommend using mild soap and water for CPAP cleaning, or use products such as CPAP mask wipes, and a CPAP cleaner like the Lumin.

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    How to Clean a CPAP Mask

    1. Use CPAP wipes or mild soap and water to remove any debris from your mask.
    2. Allow to dry.
    3. For an even more sanitized CPAP mask, insert into a CPAP cleaning machine like the Lumin.
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    How Does a CPAP Cleaner Work?

    A CPAP cleaner like the Lumin uses UV light to kill bacteria. A CPAP cleaning machine doesn't work like a dishwasher, so there's no scrubbing or drying and no water is used. In the case of the Lumin, the machine exposes an object to UV light, killing all surface bacteria in under 5 minutes. Because a CPAP cleaning machine doesn't scrub or use water, you'll still have to remove unwanted residue or debris from the mask by using CPAP wipes or mild soap and water. If you don't have a Lumin available to help with CPAP cleaning, you'll want to use CPAP wipes (link), or CPAP sanitizer (link), which are both available from CPAP wipes disinfect on contact and don't leave behind a harmful chemical residue that can pollute your breathing air. They're also hypoallergenic, odorless, and colorless.

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    How Do You Clean a CPAP Hose?

    Here are some steps to follow to clean a CPAP Hose:

    1. Run mild soapy water or vinegar through the hose to kill germs.
    2. Use a tube brush to do some light scrubbing on the interior of the hose. A tube brush is a long, flexible, metallic rod that has bristles on one end. Use a gentle back and forth motion.
    3. Allow CPAP hose to air dry.
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    CPAP Cleaning Schedule Recommendations

    How Often Should You Clean a CPAP Mask? A CPAP mask should be cleaned daily with mild soap and warm water, CPAP wipes, or a CPAP cleaner like the Lumin. Once a week a deep cleaning of the mask and accessories is recommended.

    How Often Should You Clean a CPAP Hose? CPAP hoses and tubing should be cleaned once a week with mild soap and warm water (or vinegar) and be allowed to drip dry on a towel rack.

    How Often Should You Clean a CPAP Machine? A CPAP machine (the outer case) doesn't need to be cleaned for it to function properly. The CPAP filters inside the machine have a firm cleaning and replacement schedule and should be followed to the letter. The fine disposable filters shouldn't be cleaned, rather replaced every 30 days or sooner if they are discolored. The foam reusable filters should be cleaned weekly and should be replaced every 6 months or sooner if the foam begins to degrade.

    How Often Should You Clean a Humidifier Chamber? Most manufacturers recommend cleaning humidifier chambers daily, but twice a week will suffice. Using tap water for your CPAP therapy will make it harder to clean your humidifier chamber as tap water can leave a hard film at the bottom. This is due to the presence of impurities and minerals in tap water. Some of the mineral deposits at the bottom of your humidifier chamber will require extra scrubbing. It's a far better strategy to use distilled water from the beginning. Filtered water (as in from the fridge or a filtered pitcher) is better than plain tap water, but it still has mineral content that's not good for your CPAP machine. Remember, what goes into the humidifier chamber winds up in your body. If you're using well water, or you live in a city with poor water quality, you really shouldn't use tap water.

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    Where to Buy CPAP Wipes?

    The biggest selection of CPAP wipes and CPAP cleaning supplies can be found online. Wipes and other supplies don't require a prescription and many of these items are fairly inexpensive.

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    Where Can I Buy a CPAP Cleaner?

    A CPAP cleaner like the Lumin can easily be found online. Because a CPAP cleaning machine is such a specialized piece of equipment, finding one locally can be difficult. The easiest and best option is to order from a company like If you place your order by 4 PM on a weekday, we will ship the same day!

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