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Curasa CPAP Machine with EUT

BY Curative Medical Item #31011321-15
47 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Curasa CPAP Machine - Front With Water Bottle (Not Included)
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47 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Curasa CPAP Machine with EUT Overview

The Curasa CPAP Machine with EUT is a travel sized machine with features aimed to increase comfort and ease of use. Included is a padded travel bag formatted to fit the machine and accessories.

The Cursa CPAP Machine is no longer available. We would recommend the DreamStation CPAP as an alternative. The DreamStation CPAP is one of the quietest CPAP machines on the market today. It has a sleek and modern design and is designed to operate at a single pressure. For the auto-adjusting version please see the DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine.

The Curasa CPAP Machine with EUT is a small and lightweight machine that has features found on many more expensive devices. This is a single pressure CPAP machine and does not automatically adjust the pressure.


  • Small and Lightweight
  • Padded Travel Bag Included
  • Unique Optional Integrated Humidifier
  • EUT Exhalation Relief
  • Ramp Feature
  • Data Recording
  • Auto Start and Stop
  • Power Out Alarm

Small and Lightweight

The Curasa weighs 2.4 pounds and is sized for travel and convenience. A padded travel bag is included with the purchase of the machine. It is designed to hold the machine and power supply, hose and OPTIONAL heated humidifier. The machine itself measures just 7 1/8 in L x 4 5/8 in W x 3 1/2 in H.

Unique Optional Integrated Heated Humidifier

The unique design of the Curasa and humidifier makes for a small foot print on a beside table. The combined humidifier base and chamber top slides into slots on one side of the machine. The humidifier connects to the machine using the jump cord built into the humidifier base. The level of humidification is adjusted by turning the pin on the back of the humidifier. The OPTIONAL humidifier and machine together measures 9 in L x 7 3/4 in W x 4 in H.

EUT Exhalation Relief

EUT (Expiratory Unloading Technology) is a comfort feature built into the Curasa CPAP and offers a drop in pressure at the time of exhalation. Pressure relief increases the comfort of therapy and feels more natural. The EUT feature has three settings with 1 being the slightest drop in pressure at exhalation and three being the largest. Or, turn the EUT setting OFF by setting the machine in "CPAP" mode.

Ramp Feature

Ramp allows the pressure to start lower than the prescribed pressure to ease into sleep. The Curasa ramp can be set up to 60 minutes and can be adjusted in 1 minute steps for maximum customization. The machine will work up to the prescribed pressure as it reaches the set ramp time.

Data Recording

The Curasa CPAP records up to 365 nights of usage data onto the on-board memory of the machine. The following information is recorded and can be transferred to the included SD card and viewed using the OPTIONAL AutoManager Software:

  • Compliance Data
  • Beginning and Ending Time for Each Session
  • Set Pressure

Auto On / OFF Feature

The Auto On (AUTOON) feature allows the Curasa CPAP to detect when the mask is on the user and he or she is breathing. The machine automatically begins providing the therapy air stream without having to press a button. This feature may be turned off if desired.

If the AUTOON feature is set to off and the mask is removed or there is a significant mask leak while the machine is blowing air, the mask off alarm will sound. The alarm can be silenced by pushing the up and down arrow keys and by turning the blower off.

Power Out Alarm

If the power goes out while the Curasa CPAP machine is running, the machine sounds an alarm to notify the user of the disruption in power. To silence the alarm press the power key. The power out alarm will also sound if the power cord is disconnected from the wall outlet while the machine is running. The power out alarm function cannot be turned off.

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