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PR System One REMStar 60 Series BiPAP® Auto with Bluetooth and Heated Tube Humidifier

BY Philips Respironics Item #DS760BT
10 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Item # DS760BT

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Front View of the PR 60 Series BiPAP Auto with Bluetooth (Billiard Ball Not Included)
PR 60 Series BiPAP Auto with Bluetooth Machine and Humidifier (Billiard Ball Not Included)
PR 60 Series BiPAP Auto with Bluetooth
Profile View of the PR 60 Series BiPAP Auto with Bluetooth
PR System One 60 Series CPAP Machine - Filter View (Shown With Filter Installed)
PR System One 60 Series Humidifier Chamber
PR System One 60 Series Machine - Angled Front
Side View of the PR 60 Series Bluetooth Machine and Humidifier
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10 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Item # DS760BT

Not currently in stock

Remstar 60 BiPAP Auto w/Bluetooth Overview

Humidifier Included: Please note that the price listed includes the 60 Series heated humidifier and heated tube.

The PR System One REMStar 60 Series BiPAP® Auto with Bluetooth delivers two distinct pressures that are automatically adjusted during therapy to provide a separate pressure at inhalation and exhalation. Pair this Bluetooth-capable BiPAP® machine with the SleepMapper app from Philips Respironics to track the progress of sleep therapy. The included integrated humidifier is added to the machine to warm therapy air to help with dryness or congestion.

The PR System One REMStar 60 Series BiPAP® Auto with Bluetooth uses Bi-Flex pressure relief to add comfort in-between inhalation and exhalation pressure variations. The Heated Tube Humidifier is intended to increase the benefits of the treatment by soothing the airway and reducing rainout. Therapy effectiveness can be reviewed by pairing the Bluetooth wireless technology to the SleepMapper app on a compatible iOS or Android device (not included).


  • Bluetooth Connection to SleepMapper App
  • Included Heated Tube Humidifier
  • Bi-Flex Pressure Relief
  • Advanced Event Detection
  • System One Resistance Control
  • On Screen Data Display

Bluetooth Connection to SleepMapper App

This 60 Series BiPAP® Auto machine uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Philips Respironics SleepMapper app. Download the app onto a smartphone or tablet (not included) to build a personal account. Please Note: The SleepMapper app is compatible with Apple's iOS 6 or newer and an Android 2.2 or newer. Once installed, the app will pair with the machine each night to provide results the next morning. The results may be used to review compliance between a doctor and patient.

Included Heated Tube Humidifier

The Bluetooth 60 Series BiPAP® Auto machine connects to the PR System One 60 Series Heated Tube Humidifier with Heated Tube to pull moisture from the water chamber into the therapy air. The heated tube included with the humidifier connects to the humidifier port to help sustain the warm air as it travels through the hose. Heating the air may reduce rainout in the mask, as well as provide comfort for those suffering from dryness.

System One Dry Box was incorporated into the design of the humidifier to help prevent water damage. The air outlet port is located on the top center section of the chamber to minimize water displacement. In the instance that water may escape from the water chamber, it will be trapped by the Dry Box before entering the machine.

Bi-Flex Pressure Relief

Bi-Flex is a pressure relief comfort feature used to create a more natural breathing pattern during CPAP therapy. The PR System One BiPAP® Auto with Bluetooth and Flex Technology work together to provide relief during three points in the breathing cycle. Pressure is reduced by .5 increments during the transition from exhalation to inhalation, inhalation to exhalation, and during exhalation. The Bi-Flex setting can be adjusted up to 1.5 cm H2O for maximum comfort.

Advanced Event Detection

Philips Respironics uses a patented algorithm to monitor breathing patterns in order to respond to abnormal pressure changes. The Auto-Trak system measures variable triggers and cycle thresholds to automatically adjust the pressure and compensate for leakage.

The System One 60 Series BiPAP® Auto with Bluetooth is designed to act proactively by identifying aspects of the breathing cycle. In addition to Auto-Trak Sensitivity and Flex Technology, the BiPAP® is designed to detect events corresponding to vibratory snoring, clear airway apnea, obstructed airway apnea, periodic breathing, Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals (RERA), hypopneas, leaks, and flow limitations.

This machine detects these events, causing the REMstar Auto algorithm to respond by automatically adjusting pressure levels to clear the apnea. Within a few seconds of recorded flow reduction, the PR BiPAP® Auto pulses a series of pressures to determine if the apnea has been cleared.

System One 60 Series BiPAP® Auto responses include:

  • Proactive Performance: Proactive performance recognizes and controls early symptoms of flow limitation, which can lead to an actual obstruction or apnea. The Auto algorithm uses two airflow measurements to prevent pressures from becoming too high.
  • Leak Management: The BiPAP® Auto with Bluetooth will monitor mask leaks and compare results against an expected leak rate. Pressure is adjusted automatically as needed to help maintain therapy pressure to the user, including the ability to reduce pressure to help re-establish a mask seal.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: OSA is defined as events that reduce 80% of airflow for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • Hypopnea: A hypopnea is an event that reduces 40% of airflow for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • Flow Limitation: Flow limitation is measured through four different baselines of the breathing waveform: Roundness, Flatness, Peak, and Shape.
  • Vibratory Snoring: Snoring can sometimes imitate a hypopnea event. Advanced detection allows the PR BiPAP® Auto with Bluetooth to measure vibrations and partial airway blockage.
  • RERAs: Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals differ from a hypopnea or snoring event in that a RERA shows increasing respiratory effort with each breath, culminating in a shift in brain wave activity and not necessarily a result of obstruction. Periodic breathing conditions such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration and central apneas are distinguishable from obstructed apnea or snoring events.
  • SmartRamp: SmartRamp helps manage apnea events while users attempt to fall asleep. This System One 60 Series device can react to an event as the Ramp is progressing.

System One Resistance Control

Philips Respironics developed System One Resistance Control, which is a numbering system designed to help their machines recognize the CPAP mask. Please Note: The feature is only available with a Respironics mask as they are the only CPAP mask with a resistance control number. Resistance Control is intended to associate the machine with the mask to create a compatible system which corresponds to the specific mask type.

On Screen Data Display

The display screen is designed to make sleep data available. Use the screen to view the Apnea/Hypopnea Index, the Leak Rate, and the average pressure readings taken over a 7 days and 30 days. Data is stored on the machine as well as on a SD memory card.

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