Philips Respironics Comfortlite 2 Simple Cushion Sizing Gauge

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    Product Overview

    Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

    Product Features

    This is the gauge used to size the Simple Cushion for the Respironics ComfortLite and ComfortLite 2 Nasal Interface.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Do I have to buy three whole masks to try the different pillow sizes?
    No, the ComfortLite 2 has several 'combo packs' that include two types of cushions in one. Also, you can order all cushions separately if you'd like to try all three!
    Are the pillows two pieces or one?
    The ComfortLite 2 Pillows and Direct Seal cushions are single pieces. They both include an integrated exhalation port in their plastic housing.
    Do the Pillows expand in the nostrils like some ‘prongs’ style cushions?
    Can the metal band on the Pillows and Direct Seal cushions be shaped for comfort?
    Yes, the band can also be used to spread the pillows apart, so you have the ability to find a comfortable angle for the airflow on a daily basis, as desired.
    How do you adjust the mask to properly fit it to avoid leaks?
    There are two key adjustments you can make regardless of the cushion option you choose. Once the headgear is in place, you use an Angle Adjuster and a Vertical Adjuster for optimizing fit.
    Are there any fine tuning adjustments available for the Simple cushion?
    Yes. The Simple Cushion sits on a ball joint fitting. The cushion rotates freely on the ball, allowing you to change the tilt of the nasal cushion to adjust for leaks or for optimal comfort.
    Does the ComfortLite 2 work for people who sleep on their sides?
    Yes, the ComfortLite 2 is designed to accommodate side sleeping by providing an assembly and interface that is centered over the nose and up the center of the head.
    Is it easy to take the ComfortLite 2 mask on and off?
    Yes, it is very easy. To take the ComfortLite 2 off, simply grasp the angular adjustment area and pull the mask forward then lift upward. This way, the mask can be placed on and taken off without changing any of the adjustments.
    What sizes does the Simple Cushion come in?
    The Simple Cushion comes in 4 sizes also – petite, small, medium and large to fit a broad range of patients.
    Do the three cushions options all work with the same headgear?
    Yes, all use the same un-intrusive Halo headgear and straps. You can switch from one style cushion to another in less than 5 seconds with just a simple twist and turn motion!
    Are there tuning options for the Pillows or Direct Seal cushion?
    Yes, there are small metal band on the underside of those cushions which allow you to adjust the distance between the pillows or bulbs to optimize your comfort and seal.
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