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DreamStation Go Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

BY Philips Respironics Item #DSG500G11- TRAVEL

$729.99 $1049.99
21 Reviews
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DreamStation Go Auto CPAP w/ Humidifier Overview

Limited Time Rebate Offer: Purchase the DreamStation Go Auto before 01/31/2021 and get $100 back via mail-in rebate! Click here to download rebate form to use with your receipt: Rebate Form

Don't suffer through any more missed opportunities and big moments. Treat your sleep apnea with the ultimate home CPAP machine that's also compact enough for travel. The DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier Bundle is the go-anywhere, do-anything, auto-adjusting CPAP machine designed for busy lives.

If you want a machine that has it all, this is the one to get.

Features & Benefits

  • INCLUDED: Heated Humidifier
  • Works With Any Mask
  • Uses Tap Water Instead of Distilled Water
  • Auto-Adjusting Heat, Moisture, and Therapy Pressure
  • Full-Color Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with our Mobile App
  • Charge Your Phone While Using Machine
  • INCLUDED: 12mm Micro Tubing

INCLUDED: Heated Humidifier at a Big Savings!

Don't pay extra! The DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier Bundle offers the DreamStation Go and the Humidifier at a special price that you won't get if you buy both items separately. This offers unbeatable savings that will make it easy to get the latest tech for less than the cost of other premium machines that don't include a heated humidifier.

Works with Any Mask

Keep your favorite mask when using the DreamStation Go! It doesn't require using a certain mask or a special adapter, so you can use any mask you want. If you have a tried and true mask that works well, you'll appreciate that you can use it with the DreamStation Go.

If the heated humidifier bundle is not for you, stop by the DreamStation Go Mask Bundle which includes the DreamStation Go Auto and free DreamWear Mask.

Humidifier Uses Tap Water

If you travel frequently, you know about the liquid restrictions when going through security. It's a pain and a hassle, and one you thankfully don't need to worry about with the DreamStation Go. Board your flight and fill it up with water on the plane. Tap or bottled water will work just fine. Avoid sparkling water or flavored water, as these can damage your machine.

Auto-Adjusting Heat, Moisture, and Therapy Pressure

The DreamStation Go with Heated Humidifier automates almost everything. From choosing the best therapy pressure to making sure the heated humidifier is producing the right amount of heat and moisture, you won't have to worry about your settings. But if you want to change something, you can do so with the full-color touchscreen. It's a convenient way to make sure your therapy is on track.

Full-Color Touchscreen

A first among CPAP machines, the full-color touchscreen uses natural gestures to move through the screens and change the settings you're looking for. The menus are informative and easy to read. You won't need to be a tech whiz to figure it out.

Track Your Therapy Data on Your Phone

Your new DreamStation Go comes with Bluetooth, so you can connect to your mobile device and track your progress on the app. The DreamMapper app, available for Apple and Android devices, tracks your AHI, events per hour, leak rate, and total therapy time. When you wake up in the morning, you'll connect to your DreamStation and see how you did the previous night.

Charge Your Phone Using the USB Outlet

If you've ever been to a hotel room that only had a few outlets, you know how difficult it can be to use your CPAP. Do you charge your phone, or do you get quality sleep? With the DreamStation Go, you don't have to choose. It has a USB outlet built into the machine, so you can charge your phone AND get a full night of therapy.

INCLUDED: 12mm Micro Tubing

The DreamStation Go includes 12mm Micro Tubing that's easier to pack, and will work with any mask. Its smaller surface area makes it easy to fit into a carryon, so you can breeze through security and get to your next destination with ease.

See What Others Are Saying

"This one seemed the best fit for me as I could use my current mask with it. I am NOT disappointed. It is a great machine! I've used it in Canada and in Italy for 12 days with zero issues."

"LOVE this CPAP machine!! So quiet I can hardly hear it. The air pressure was perfect for me with no air leaking out around the face. We are getting ready to travel to Costa Rica so I ordered this. I tried it out for about 4 nights and fell in love with it. I actually prefer it to my home CPAP machine. I was so skeptical...needlessly!"

"I purchased the humidifier with my Dreamstation Go as I use the CPAP on board airliners with their very dry air and my vacation home which is located in a desert climate. I was concerned that the reservoir would be inadequate given its small size but that has proven to be a non-issue. Humidification is quite adequate and I am so happy with the CPAP/Humidifier combo that I haven't bothered to set up my Series 60 machine in my vacation home from where I am writing this review. A most worthwhile purchase."

Companion Products (Sold Separately)

  • DreamStation Go Overnight Battery: This battery is designed to work exclusively with your DreamStation Go, and can power your device for 8 to 13 hours, providing enough juice for at least one night! It's also FAA compliant and can be carried on and used in flight.

  • DreamStation Go Fine Filters (6 Pack): Each filter is good for one month, and your machine only ships with one. Stock up now so you won't run out!

  • DreamStation Go Reusable Filters (2 Pack) Your DreamStation Go needs both disposable and reusable filters in order to work properly. Reusable filters are designed to be cleaned every 30 days and replaced every 6 months. Your machine only comes with one. Get replacements on hand so you don't run out!

  • 12mm Micro Tubing: 12mm Micro Tubing is smaller, easy to carry, and easier to pack. It's designed to make traveling with your DreamStation Go less stressful, by potentially reducing the number of bags you'll need to carry.

  • DreamStation Go Medium Travel Kit: This hard clamshell case is designed to protect your DreamStation Go and Humidifier (or battery) from unexpected damage during your travels. It's just the perfect size to accommodate the machine and battery or humidifier connected together for easier packing.
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