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PR System One REMStar 60 Series Pro CPAP Machine with Bluetooth

BY Philips Respironics Item #DS460BT
104 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Front View of the Bluetooth PR 60 Series CPAP Pro (billiard ball not included)
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104 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Remstar 60 Pro CPAP w/Bluetooth Overview

The PR System One REMStar 60 Series Pro with Bluetooth is designed to relay sleep results to the user by connecting to Respironics' SleepMapper app. Download SleepMapper on an apple or android smartphone or tablet for easy accessibility. For increased comfort during therapy, connect the machine to the OPTIONAL integrated humidifier to allow warm air to travel through the heated tube into the CPAP mask.

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Philips Respironics 60 Series Pro with Bluetooth uses C-Flex Plus to soften the transition between inhalation and exhalation to help the user adjust to CPAP pressure. Auto-Trial mode and CPAP-Check mode are additional features used to provide pressure relief. Pair the 60 Series Pro using Bluetooth to the SleepMapper app to review therapy results the next morning.


  • Bluetooth Connection to SleepMapper
  • OPTIONAL Heated Tube Humidifier
  • System One Dry Box
  • Smart Technology Modes
  • C-Flex Plus Pressure Relief
  • System One Resistance Control

Bluetooth Connection to SleepMapper

Bluetooth wireless technology has been included in the design of the machine to allow users to easily access their sleep results. Download the SleepMapper app onto a smartphone or tablet to direct the data to your account. Once installed, the app will pair with the machine each night to display results the next morning. The results may be used to review compliance between a doctor and patient.

OPTIONAL Heated Tube Humidifier

The Bluetooth 60 Series Pro CPAP machine attaches to the optional integrated humidifier to provide warm air from the CPAP machine to the mask. Attach the optional heated tube humidifier to add moisture from the water chamber into the therapy air. The optional heated tube included with the humidifier connects to the humidifier port so the warm air can maintain heat as it travels through the hose. Heating the air as it travels from the CPAP machine may diminish rainout and moisture in the mask.

System One Dry Box

The System One Dry Box technology reduces the chance of water damage to the 60 Series CPAP machine. The center air outlet port uses unique design features to help prevent water from exiting the chamber and entering the machine. The center air outlet port uses a one way valve. This location on the top of the chamber helps to minimize total water displacement. If water were to escape the chamber it is trapped by the Dry Box.

Smart Technology Modes

The smart technology of Auto-Trial Mode and CPAP-Check Mode offer up to 30 nights of auto adjusting capability. During that period of use the system functions as an Auto CPAP delivering an adaptive pressure on a breath by breath basis. Following the set time of the Auto-Trial mode, the machine functions as a CPAP delivering one set pressure that the patient was at or below 90% of the time.

The CPAP-Check mode continuously verifies pressure requirements and makes adjustments after every 30 hours of use providing the user with more effective pressure levels over time. An Auto-Trial mode must be a minimum of 3 nights in length. The entire available 30 nights of Auto-Trial do not need to be used continuously. Visit the "Important Tips" tab of this product page to read an example of the Auto-Trial and CPAP-Check modes.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an Auto CPAP Machine. It functions as an Auto CPAP during Auto-Trial Mode and switches to CPAP mode during CPAP-Check mode.

C-Flex Plus Pressure Relief

Breathing naturally during CPAP therapy is accomplished through features such as C-Flex Plus, which are designed to soften CPAP pressure as the user transitions between inhalation and exhalation. Philips Respironics was a pioneer in offering machines with pressure relief, and they continue to use these features in the PR 60 Series Pro with Bluetooth.

System One Resistance Control

System One Resistance Control was developed by Respironics to help their machines reach the optimal pressure by using a numbering system which allows the CPAP device to recognize the mask being used with treatment. It achieves accuracy and reliability by instructing the device to compensate for the specific mask type. Please Note: Resipronics' masks are the only masks designed with a resistance control number. When planning to use this machine feature, be sure to use a Respironics mask.

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