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Breeze SleepGear CPAP Mask with TWO sets of Nasal Pillows

BY Puritan Bennett Item #616323 & 616324

150 Reviews

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Product Overview

One of the first nasal pillow devices, the Breeze continues to be very popular with side and stomach sleepers. It really is a Breeze to fit and wear!

No straps against the cheeks means any size or shape face will fit easily and comfortably - without red marks the next morning.

Seven sizes of nasal pillows are available, as well as three cushion sizes of the DreamSeal mask attachment (sold separately).

Several easy adjustments make the Breeze comfortable for almost anyone:
  • The nasal shell can be adjusted to hold the pillows at any angle against the nose.
  • The hose guide has been redesigned and a new material makes it even more durable.
  • A new clip on the hose guide allows the angle of the halo straps to be modified for more stability.
  • Nasal pillows or the DreamSeal nasal cushion are interchangeable on the same headgear.

We offer the Breeze at a package price with one, two or three different sizes of nasal pillows.

The low price and variety of adjustments and sizes makes this a product we can easily recommend.

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