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S8 Escape™ Travel CPAP Machine

BY ResMed Item #33007
55 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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55 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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S8 Escape™ CPAP Machine Overview

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Designed for home use or travel, the S8 Escape is the standard CPAP machine in the S8 Series. It is very small and quiet taking up little space on the night stand or in your travels. With the optional ResScan Data Card and built-in Patient Reminder System, it is also quite useful in managing your therapy and for tracking compliance. The power options available on the S8 Escape also make it a good choice for travel.
ResMed's S8 Escape CPAP is a travel friendly, light-weight, compact flow generator.

Features and Benefits
  • Small, Light-weight System. Durable and Compact. This machine is built to travel.

  • Manual Altitude Adjustment - Ensures that you receive the correct amount of pressure at different altitudes.

  • Pressure Ramp (0 - 45 minutes) provides slow increase in pressure for extra comfort while falling asleep or any time.

  • Automatic Power Adjustment (100V-240V) so you can be certain this machine will work overseas, with the proper plug adapters.

  • Personal Assistant with customizable reminders. This helps guide you in utilizing downloads and reminds you to replace the mask, cushion, or even to change the machine filters.

  • ResScan Data Card compatible for downloads and pressure or setting changes without the need to visit your therapist's office, or to track your therapy and compliance.

  • Optional integrated heated humidifier utilizing the HumidAire 3i which delivers the extra moisture that may help keep you from drying out.

  • Large LCD Screen for accuracy when reading the display or making setting changes.

Word of Caution to RESmed S8 and S8 II Machine Users

YOU MUST USE the DC-12 Converter For S8 Machines when drawing power directly from a DC battery source (no inverter and no humidifier). Failure to do so can result in damage to your CPAP. ResMed S8 machines with a Humidaire heated humidifier (h3i and H4i) require a pure AC power source in order for the humidifier to work properly. The machine disables the humidifier when connected through DC Power. The machine and humidifier will both work properly only when connected to pure A/C power. You will need the DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter to operate both.

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