CPAP Hoses (Tubing)

    Get to Know Your CPAP Hose (or CPAP Tubing)

    • The CPAP hose, also called CPAP tubing, is what delivers air from your machine to your mask. All machines will come with at least a standard hose. Some machines have heated CPAP hose (also called heated CPAP tubing) upgrades which are great for maintaining humidification in your CPAP air. A heated CPAP hose is recommended if you use a heated humidifier, as the heated hose keeps the temperature of the air constant as it travels to the mask. This prevents annoyances like water droplets forming inside the hose. It's important to replace your CPAP mask and hose or CPAP tubing every so often, as this will keep your CPAP machine operating at peak condition.

      Your CPAP machine hose should be replaced yearly, or more if you are noticing any build up - or if your pet gets to it. Bacteria and other irritants can build up over time, and regular cleaning with CPAP mask wipes or other CPAP cleaner will help prevent infections and illness.

    • A CPAP mask and hose are the most personal parts of the machine, and if you take the time to keep it clean, you'll have a better overall CPAP experience. You may find yourself healthier and therapy perhaps more effective with regular cleaning. A popular way to clean CPAP tubing is to use a solution that's one part vinegar and three parts water. It may be helpful to use a tube brush or similar product to clean the interior of the CPAP tubing. offers customer service by phone M - F from 8AM - 8PM CST, and on Saturday from 8AM - 2PM CST. If you don't know what you need, or just have questions, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is standing by to answer any questions you may have. For anything and everything CPAP, is here for you.

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