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    Fisher and Paykel Healthcare was founded in 1934, and is currently headquartered in East Tamaki, New Zealand. While Fisher and Paykel is widely known for manufacturing refrigerators, they've contributed a lot to the sleep industry over the years. F&P manufacturers masks, CPAP machines and humidifiers. The company is a proponent of humidification, the Fisher & Paykel CPAP machine line all have built in humidifiers - this means the machine cannot be used without humidification. They also offer a few stand-alone humidification options.

    While ResMed and Respironics largely dominate the CPAP mask market, Fisher and Paykel also have a decent offering of masks which are popular and well rated among CPAP users. The FlexiFit, Eson and Zest line are well liked among users, along with the Simplus and Opus 360.

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    Fisher & Paykel Customer Testimonials

    "Going by the size guide I printed out, I knew I needed a size large mask. And from previous experience with F&P masks I knew that the large headgear would be too large. So I ordered this kit and a separate small headgear. That's all I needed and this mask fits me great! It even fits my hard to fit nose thanks to an innovative design that auto adjusts the depth of the indention for the nose bridge. Thanks F&P!"

    "I bought this as a replacement machine after my old one (same model) broke during travel after 5 years of use. Works great, does what it's supposed to do with minimum fuss, and it's quiet."

    "So far I can tell you that I love the device. It is more quite than my old remstar + M series. Our home temperature is set low at night and the condensation that I used to get in the hose from the humidifier would spray my face and wake me up, all the while not getting me the humidified air causing nasal irritation. The ICON with the thermosmart heated hose has been wonderful. The other features like the sensawake and the auto adjusting pressure I cannot really comment on. All I can see is that I am sleeping much better, and never feel like I am getting too much or not enough air. I do not know if that is attributed to the sensawake or the auto adjusting pressure or both, but I know something is making me sleep better. It also packs up and travels nicely. You do not have to remove the humidifier and all that stuff to pack it away for travel. This also was an important feature for me. I have only had the machine for a week now, so I cannot comment on it's reliability."

    "I never thought I could top the Pilaro Q but the Brevida is so much better. Total remake on the nasal pillow (no hard plastic below and outside the pillow like the Pilaro) so side sleepers won't experience any mask leaks and a better night's sleep. Also the tubing is longer, thinner and a soft more plastic to clean! I've slept through the night without mask leaks since I got my new mask..amazing! Thanks to F&P..great product! 5 years on CPAP."


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