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PR System One REMstar Pro CPAP Machine with AutoIQ

BY Philips Respironics Item #DS450SAutoIQ
9 Reviews

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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PR System One Machine
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9 Reviews

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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PR System One REMstar Pro CPAP AutoIQ Overview

AutoIQ technology takes the PR System One REMstar Pro CPAP Machine with C-Flex Plus to a smarter level. This feature offers up to 30 nights of auto adjusting capability, during which time the system works as an Auto CPAP delivering an adaptive pressure on a breath by breath basis. An Auto-Trial phase must be a minimum of 3 nights in length. After an initial Auto-Trial period as set the system switches to Auto-Check Phase and functions as a CPAP delivering the pressure that the patient was at or below 90% of the time. The Auto-Check Phase continuously verifies pressure requirements and makes adjustments after every 30 hours of use providing the user with more effective pressure levels over time.

Please note: This is not an Auto CPAP Machine. It functions as an Auto CPAP during Auto-Trial Phases and switches to CPAP mode during Auto-Check Phase.

NOTE: the Heated Humidifier is included in the price of this machine.

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AutoIQ Technology

AutoIQ has two phases: Auto-Trial Phase and Auto-Check Phase.

Auto-Trial Phase

Auto-Trial Phase monitors and adjusts pressure on a breath by breath basis for up to 30 nights. The goal of the Auto-Trial Phase is to use breathing pattern data to identify the ideal pressure needed. At the end of a trial period, the machine is automatically set to a pressure that the patient was at or below 90% of the time.

All 30 nights do not need to be used at one time. A minimum of 3 nights can be used to complete an Auto-Trial Phase. The remaining nights can be used at any time in the future.

Every time the Auto-Trial Phase is used, the machine will use the most recent Auto-Trial Phase data to set the ideal pressure.

Auto-Check Phase

Once an Auto-Trial Phase is complete, the AutoIQ mode transitions to Auto-Check Phase. Every 30 hours the machine checks if a pressure adjustment is needed based on breathing events.

If a pressure adjustment is needed, the machine will automatically adjust by 1 cm/H2O up or down. Every 30 hours the machine will continue to track and adapt pressure as needed in 1 cm/H20 increments, staying within an upper and lower limit of 3 cm/H2O of the original set pressure. If a pressure change is not needed, the machine will stay at the current pressure.

Here is an example of how the Auto-Check Phase works:

If the ideal pressure after the Auto-Trial Phase was 10 cm/H2O and after 30 hours of use Auto-Check Phase data indicated the pressure needed to be raised, the machine would automatically change the pressure to 11 cm/H2O. If the pressure needed to be lowered, the machine would automatically change to 9 cm/H2O. If no pressure adjustment was needed, the pressure would stay at 10 cm/H2O. The Auto-Check Phase would continue every 30 hours to monitor and adjust the pressure as needed. However, the pressure would not be raised or lowered more than 3 cm/H2O of the original pressure. Using the original pressure of 10cm/H2O, the machine would not be lowered past 7 cm/H2O and would not be raised past 13 cm/H2O.

If the machine is placed back into Auto-Trial Phase mode to determine a new ideal pressure, the Auto-Check Phase would monitor and change pressure as needed every 30 hours, staying within 3 cm/H2O of the new ideal pressure.

The machine does not need to be set on Auto-Check Phase. It can be placed on straight CPAP mode, where no pressure checks or adjustments are made.

What is the Respiratory Distress Index? The RDI is used to determine the severity of sleep apnea. The index value is determined based on the number of apneas, hypopneas, and respiratory event-related arousal (RERAs) that occur per hour of sleep.

Encore Data Management and Reporting

The PR System One monitors and tracks therapy progress. It uses a SD card to capture advanced data such as leak rate and AHI (Apnea/Hypopnea Index). This data can be accessed through the "Info" menu on the machine's display. The PR System One records and displays both 7 and 30 day data averages.

To view more detailed data and to monitor trends over time, the optional EncoreViewer Software can be used.

C-Flex Plus Technology

Flex Technology provides pressure relief for every breath to make breathing with a CPAP more natural. C-Flex Plus technology reduces the pressure during exhalation based on expiratory flow. It also softens the transition between inhalation and exhalation.

System One Resistance Control

To reach optimal pressure, Phillips Respironics developed System One Resistance Control. It is a numbering system that allows the CPAP device to recognize a mask that is used with treatment. It achieves accuracy and reliability by instructing the device to compensate for the specific mask type.

System One Humidity Control with Dry Box Technology (optional)

System One Humidity Control closely monitors humidity levels for potential rainout. Using internal and external sensors, the optimal relative humidity level is determined. If there is a large difference between the room temperature and the hose temperature, there is a greater chance for more moisture to form. System One Humidity Control analyzes ambient air temperature to determine whether moisture will form. Based on the air data, the machine adjusts humidity levels to reduce moisture in the CPAP tube.

Dry Box Technology has also been added to prevent water damage. The Dry Box acts as a reservoir, preventing humidifier water from entering the CPAP machine.

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