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Sandman Duo BiLevel CPAP Machine with Built In Heated Humidifier

BY Puritan Bennett Item #M-114823-US
2 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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2 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Sandman Duo BiLevel CPAP Machine Overview

The Sandman Duo is lightweight, compact and user-friendly. The Duo BiLevel features an intelligent pressure stability and respiratory events detection system that reacts to an obstruction event. Also, the Sandman Series includes the humidifier technology called HumidControl. The built in humidifier actually measures the temperature outside the chamber and adjusts the heater plate to minimize condensation. At 2.64 pounds, take the Sandman Duo anywhere and feel confident you will receive effective therapy.
The Sandman Duo BiLevel machine is designed to provide accurate therapy pressure using an advanced Adaptive Pressure Stability system that helps in detecting respiratory events. The Duo is equipped with pressure and flow sensors that detect apneas, hypopneas, inspiratory flow limitations and snoring. Once an event occurs, the machine reacts using an enhanced algorithm that smoothly adjusts the pressure during events.

The Sandman Series uses Covidien's unique Adaptive Pressure Stability (APS) technology that limits the peak to peak variations of CPAP pressure when a user breathes. Adaptive Pressure Stability responds quickly and accurately to several common conditions that result in changes from your prescribed pressure down to each breath.

Common conditions affecting Pressure
  • Switching Masks
  • Mask leaks
  • Altitude
  • Natural respiratory effort
  • Barometric pressure
  • Sleep stage
  • Body position

Each patient is different and Covidien has created FlowSens technology that allows you to adjust the machine's sensitivity along with setting the rise time. Allowing you to adjust the Sandman Duo to match your apnea needs.

True Circuit Calibration helps the Sandman Duo compensate for pressure variances created when using different styles of masks and tubing. For instance, when using a Full Face Mask, a digital signal processor microcontroller helps to improve flow generation capabilities, delivering an accurate pressure at the mask.

The Sandman Duo records compliance data which allows a digital signal processor to work interactively with the user and provides accurate flow control. For advanced therapy effectiveness, use the Sandman Therapy Software to help visualize user sessions and take control of your sleep therapy.

The device is quiet, discreet and user-friendly. Small and light, traveling with the Sandman is convenient. Use either AC or DC power from an external battery source. If altitude is an issue, the Auto Altitude Compensation feature accounts for barometric changes. All Sandman CPAP units contain an advanced pressure transducer that compensates for altitudes up to 9,000 feet, which could effect your cpap as much as 3cmH2o of pressure.

Covidien also addresses the need for humidity, incorporating a built-in heated humidifier, together weighing only 2.75 pounds. The humidifier is located to the rear of the CPAP with a water chamber that is easy to clean. Using a new technology, HumidControl, the humidifier provides the best temperature according to the relative humidity outside the water chamber. This prevents water from collecting in the CPAP hose and keeps the humidification level constant throughout the night.


  • Adaptive Pressure Stability
  • True Circuit Calibration
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • FlowSens Technology
  • Extensive Compliance Data
  • AC or DC Power Compatible
  • Leak Compensation
  • Auto Altitude Adjust
  • LCD back-lit Display
  • Rear-routed tubing
  • Built-In Humidifier
  • HumidControl Technology
  • Parts Replacement Reminders
  • Memory Card and Optional Software

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