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levitation the hozer hose management system 1
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The Hozer Travel Hose Management Solution

BY Levitation Systems Item #77007

53 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Hozer Travel Hose Management Overview

There are countless times each night where CPAP users become entangled or tug at the CPAP hose, pulling the CPAP mask away from their face. As you struggle with the CPAP hose, you lose rest. The frustration can discourage further use for new users and even for the experienced CPAP user, who has their nighttime environment personalized with CPAP pillows or customized bedding. The ability to travel with such comfort items is difficult. Now there is The HoZer.

Weighing in at only 12.8 Ounces, Levitation Systems has now introduced The HoZer Travel Hose Management Solution. Experience a new freedom from the woes of Sleep Apnea. The Hozer easily lifts the CPAP hose away from your body. The extension arm raises the CPAP hose off of the bed. The ultralight frame allows you to turn in any direction without finding the hose in your way. You can sit up and even get out of bed!

The Hozer is constructed of strong, durable, quality parts. The system assembles in minutes and is made to provide years of nightly use. The extension arm can be fitted with either of two or three section lengths. The adjustable clips allow for just the right fit to any standard CPAP hose. To install, slide the base under the mattress at the side of your bed. When done, the entire system breaks down similar to a pop-up tent. The Hozer folds up and stores in the supplied travel bag and can even travel with you.

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