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Newly diagnosed with sleep apnea?

No worries, we are here to help.

Worry free therapy in 3 easy steps:

Choose your machine

Choose your machine

Choose your mask

Choose your mask

Review and Order

Review and order

CPAP Starter Pack, a path to better sleep.

Being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea can be overwhelming. Take a deep breath. We can guide you through the equipment selection process.

Some Fun Facts to Get You Started

  • Fact: The first CPAP machine was inspired by a vacuum cleaner. Today’s machines have come a long way.
  • Fact: Sleep Apnea impacts roughly 22 million Americans, with many being undiagnosed.
  • Fact: We’re a family-owned business. As such, we treat our employees and customers like they’re apart of our extended family.
  • Fact: has been in business since the beginning of the internet boom. We sold our first machine in 1999.
  • Fact: Choose a CPAP mask that works for your sleeping style, not the other way around.


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