CPAP Humidifiers

    CPAP Humidifiers - Differences Between a CPAP Heated Humidifier and a Cold Humidifier

    CPAP humidifiers are available in a heated humidifier and cold humidifier form. Humidifiers using heat are the most common type and often more comfortable. This is because the heat allows for more moisture to float in the CPAP air. Many CPAP machines allow the user to set the temperature of their humidifier. Warmer settings typically add more moisture to the air. On the other hand, cold humidifiers, also known as passover humidifiers, do not use heat. So, a cold humidifier does not actually cool the air you breathe. It just simply uses a CPAP water chamber for air to pass over without any heat.
    Humidifiers are an important part to your CPAP set up. They add moisture to airways, making them less likely to dry out or become irritated. Which can make therapy more comfortable. Many CPAP machines come standard with an integrated humidifier. Humidifiers are especially helpful for people living in dryer climates. Also, it's important you use CPAP distilled water with your set up. The distillation process removes mineral deposits which can be hard on your CPAP machine with humidifier.
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