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fisher paykel hc234 cpap 1
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SleepStyle 238 CPAP Machine with Built In Heated Humidifier

BY Fisher & Paykel Item #HC238JHU

4 Reviews

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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Product Overview

The Fisher & Paykel HC238 is the first model SleepStyle Series CPAP system to incorporate Leak Compensation. The SleepStyle 238 CPAP Machine's integrated flow generator offers automatic altitude adjustment, leak compensation and enhanced user ergonomics. Also,take advantage of familiar technologies like Ambient Tracking Plus and Performance Maximizer compatibility.
The SleepStyle 238 CPAP Machine incorporates Fisher & Paykel's patented Ambient Tracking PLUS, an auto-adjusting humidification technology. For therapy tracking, the SleepStyle 238 CPAP is compatible with Performance Maximizer software, using F & P's Compliance Download Cable to transfer data between machine and computer.

A first for Fisher and Paykel, Leak Compensation and Automatic Altitude Adjustment are standard. Leak compensation identifies excess airflow escaping from mouth or mask leaks and ensures therapy effectiveness. Altitude controls adjust automatically up to 9,000Ft elevations.

Ambient Tracking Plus

For CPAP users who experience rain-out or condensation forming within the CPAP tubing, Ambient Tracking Plus automatically adjusts the heater plate based on room temperature. The level of humidity depends not only on the humidifier heater settings, but take into account changes in room temperature, mask leaks, or mouth breathing. Use Ambient Tracking to minimize rain-out while maximizing humidification comfort.

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  • Basic Features

    Fisher & Paykel
    2 Years
    2 Years
    2 Years
    Sound Level
    26.6 dBA
    26.6 dBA
    Manuals Included
    Patient/Quick Setup
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