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    ResMed is one of the largest manufacturers in the sleep apnea space, along with Philips Respironics. Although originally founded in Australia, ResMed now resides in San Diego, California. Since 1989, the company has created some of the best selling CPAP masks, including the Mirage, Swift, and AirFit lines. ResMed CPAP lines such AS the S8, S9, AirSense, AirStart and AirMini have led the market, and have been reliable customer favorites. Of course, there are ResMed CPAP supplies like masks cushions, clips and headgear, as well as filters and hoses for CPAP machines. Generally, ResMed CPAP masks and machines are well recognized as the high-end products within the sleep apnea industry.

    Also important is ResMed's attention to innovation. Always pushing the line, ResMed was the first to introduce a pressure relief feature, known as EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief). This machine feature is now standard on every ResMed CPAP machine. More recent technology involves stronger data tracking, which is viewable from a smart phone. Learn more about what customers think of ResMed CPAP supplies below!

    ResMed Customer Testimonials

    "I was looking for a nasal mask to replace my current nasal mask that was lighter weight and less noisy. After reading the review of the P10 I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did it is considerably lighter and because of the numerous vent holes there is much less noise."

    "The differences between old-style tubing and SlimLine(TM) are: (a) much easier to shift positions in bed without starting an air leak and (b) you really can't feel much if it happens to come into contact with your bedclothes (if you wear any, and even if you don't). Like the surfer dudes used to say, "it's tubular". This is the only tubing that gives us CPAP folk some kindness."

    "Somebody put some thought into a CPAP mask. I have the Activa, the Swift, the new "Swift" (Ugh! Terrible) - but this mask beats them all. The gel insert adds some soft stability to the mask. This is much more comfortable than just having the air filled mask, which feels hard. The design of the plastic piece that goes up from the mask to the forehead stabilizer is also good because you can watch TV with the mask on, unlike the Activa, which blocks your view. I really like this mask, and did so from the first time I used it."

    "CPAP was annoying until I started using the Swift FX nasal pillows with the ResMed S9 Auto set machine. After trying 2 nasal masks, which were hot and cumbersome, I tried the previous generation Swift. This was more comfortable, but it left me with a red mark on my nose if it was too tight, and a large leak if it was any less tight. My new FX fits well, is easy to adjust, and it is so light that it is easy to forget it's on. The ultra flexible short hose allows for rolling over without losing the fit of the pillows. This mask, together with the nearly silent S9 truly make getting quality sleep easy...for my wife and me."

    "I had been using the Resmed S8 elite for the past 7 years and was very pleased with the quality and rugged construction of this machine the only drawback was that it was quite bulky. The new s10 solves some of the S8 drawbacks but I think the units are about as small as they can get. I like the display and the info you get as I check this daily to see how I'm doing. The myAir feature is a nice addition since it seemed like previously this was top secret stuff that only your doc could look at. Some people won't like broadcasting their personal info but that feature can be turned off. Overall I think this is an improvement in terms of size and convenience...only time will tell if this unit will be as reliable as the S8 has proved to be."


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