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    CPAP masks are how a CPAP machine delivers the pressurized air to your airway, and it's a very critical part of the CPAP therapy. A mask should fit snug but should also be comfortable, preventing leaks. The right Sleep Apnea mask is your key to a great night's sleep. With proper Sleep Apnea therapy, you may notice benefits like improved blood pressure and more energy. For most people, masks will be either cover the nose, mouth, or both. Examples include the CPAP nasal mask which surrounds the nose; the CPAP full-face mask which covers the nose and mouth; and the CPAP nasal pillow mask which seals around the outside of the nostril. There are a few other types of masks out there. Most users will be ordering a CPAP nasal mask, a CPAP nasal pillow mask, or a CPAP full face mask.

    The type of CPAP mask that's right for you depends on how you sleep. Do you breathe through your nose, mouth, or both? If you don't know, the best thing to do is ask someone. Your sleeping companion may know.

    Once you know how you sleep, it's time to start thinking about what mask suits you the best. If you breathe through your mouth, you'd want to start with perhaps a CPAP full face mask. However, you could also use a chinstrap. A chinstrap forces someone who breathes through his or her mouth to breathe through their nose, making it possible for you to wear a CPAP nasal mask or a CPAP nasal pillow mask.

    Once you get your Sleep Apnea mask, you'll find out that you have quite a bit of control over how it fits. You can tighten or loosen the straps to get the most comfortable fit. With some machines, you can use the ramp feature to start off with a lower pressure and have it gradually increase over time. This is an added feature that will make your CPAP Sleep Apnea mask more comfortable.

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