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M Series Smartcard Module

BY Philips Respironics  |  Item #1027563
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Item # 1027563

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Learn More About This Product

This module may be added to the M Series REMstar Plus to enable the CPAP to record compliance data. It will not enable it to record information about breath disturbances, mask leaks, etc. That information is only recorded by the REMstar Pro and Auto models.

One smart card is included with the module. To access the information, the smart card reader and Encore Pro software are required.
We can install your smart card module when you buy a M Series Remstar Plus. The installation is free. You pay only for the module.
What data capable machines are available?

AutoPAP ("Autotitrating CPAP" or "APAP") machines which record full data:

BiLevel ("BiPAP") machines which record full data:

What does CPAP software do?
CPAP software allows for the downloading of information from certain CPAP machines. Information on breathing, pressure levels delivered, apneas, etc. is available to help determine the effectiveness of CPAP therapy. Software is not required to operate a CPAP machine. CPAP software provides more data than the information obtained through the on-screen display or SmartCode. Also, the software allows you and your doctor to view any night of recorded data by revealing results on an hour by hour basis.

Some CPAP manufacturers maintain a proprietary software package that is only compatible with their machines.

Here is a list of each manufacturer and the name of its related full data software available:
What types of Software are available?
There are two types of software available: compliance software and advanced software.

Compliance software provides data such as patient hours, total machine operating hours, pressure setting, and pressure relief information. Advance software includes compliance data, as well as more detailed data such as AHI (Apnea/Hypopnea Index), leakage, average pressure, and a graphical representation of data.

Compliance software is available with some standard CPAP machines. Advanced software is available with most top of the line CPAP machines, APAP machines, and BiLevel machines.
How do I interpret my data?
Software data can be interpreted by your physician or clinician. There are also many websites and search engines available to help you research the sleep apnea related terms which will provide more knowledge in managing your own CPAP therapy. Visit, our free sleep apnea forum, which is a great resource for CPAP users who want to understand their condition and take control of their health. 100% Price Protection Guarantee

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Verified purchase | Feb. 05, 2010 | Verified Customer
good product
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M Series Smartcard Module

Verified purchase | Oct. 04, 2007 | Verified Customer
Extremely easy to install; just make sure you push the release tab on the CPAP the correct way to remove the cover to the Smartcard module slot. The module just snaps in place. Only downside was that there was no external indication on which way the Smartcard itself needs to be inserted (it's always inserted with the gold contacts first though). Just push the card in; if correct, an icon appears on the LCD display and you're good to go. If wrong, the CPAP beeps so remove card and flip over.
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Easy installation, costs more than it should

Verified purchase | May. 07, 2007 | Verified Customer
This is just an adapter that plugs into the pre-made slot on Respironics REMstar Plus M-series machines to give you data recoring like the REMstar PRO M-series has from the factory. Very easy upgrade (just pop off the facotry cover, then slide it in). For it just being an adapter and a smart card it's strange that it's more than $30 or so.
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